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Boxing is seen by many as a brutal sport, something only people who want to hit each other and posture take up. It's rarely recognised for the good it does in the world, and the good it can do for you!

The Neville Brown Philosophy aims to show the huge life benefits you can gain by learning the skills associated with boxing, all while having fun and becoming part of our family.


"It's not about knocking each other out, its about knocking down the physical and mental barriers in your life" - Neville Brown


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Have the confidence to reach for your dreams!

A large portion of our classes are women, something we are very proud of. We don't believe in segregating training, our philosophy means no matter what your shape and size you can train with anyone you like, and become all the better for it. 

Lots of girls are getting into the art of boxing, not to be macho but more for getting back in tune with their body, yes their bodies their homeostasis, Cognitive thinking, re-tuning their nervous system, teaching them to breathe deep while keeping their cognitive thought processes in tip-top condition!  truly making them feel awesome... that's my job !! 


Along the way, they build confidence, strength, agility, timing, fitness and learn life-skills plus another great benefit from the Cognibox program, all these skill set's lead to self-awareness and more importantly how to empower oneself, elevating you with the knowledge to carry yourself through life! 

See how we can help you by coming and trying it for yourself!


We are thrilled to announce our philosophy can soon be taught in the comfort of your own home! Learn the fundamentals at your own pace, with videos, audio and PDF's all aimed at getting you up to speed and winning at life quickly and easily.

Whatever your goal, we have you covered!

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Gain New Skills, or Improve Old Ones!


Actions speak louder than coaches

We are more than an ordinary stand-alone gym. We have developed the best program to allow you to grow at your own pace, as you rise through the ranks and modules of our philosophy, you can go back and apply what you learned to earlier modules, to continue to get the most out of your past successes!